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Re:Perfecto tanks

>Recently I have been looking for a large tank for my living room. 
>Responding to approximate dimensions I gave him, my local dealer has
>proposed an 84 long by 24 wide by 30 inch high tank be "Perfecto" (possibly
>not the correct spelling.)

>I have heard some horror stories about high failure rates for large tanks
>from some companies, so I am quite cautious about choosing this tank.

>Is this considered to be a reputable manufacturer?

>Thanks in advance...


Sorry for the late response.  I only get to catch up on my E-mail every 3 rd
Perfecto and All Glass tanks are fine for small tanks(ie. 10-20 gal.), but ,
I could not recommend them for anything larger !!  I have a Perfecto 30 gal.
which the front glass has bowed outward 1/4". I can strongly recommend
tanks as I have four of them (1-29 gal. 1-58 gal. & 2-120 gal.). I understand
that a 
brand  called Natures View ; supposedly Oceanic's economy line; is also very
but I have no personal experience with them.


Mike Healy

mmhealy at aol_com