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General Nutrition +

A few general questions.
1)  I noticed that my plants seem to bubble more when my pre-filters are
clogged and there is less water circulation, any thoughts?
2)  Can an excess of macro-elements inhibit the uptake of other nutrients
like a trace element excess can?
3)  Does anyone recognize this fish, the store called it a humming Bird Tetra?
I had two and they would hover around at all levels in the tank.  Sometimes
resting on different objects, standing on it's fins.
4)  Is there a particular element that I may be lacking that will curl
leaves.  (tank has Thiel laterite  and PMDD).
Oh Yeah One observation:  A very large piece of drift wood, and 2 bristle
nose plecos makes for a lot of ppp  (Petrified Pleco Pop:)

Thanks to you all,
I am constantly trimming:)