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Plant eating fish

David Brooks wrote:

>Fish                    Plants attacked
>clown loaches   red mellon sword
>Kribensis               Anubias spp
>SAEs                    Anubias spp, mayaca, rotala wallachii

 I've heard Siver Dollars are one of the worst.

Clown loaches will eat Anubias flowers and they punch holes in the leaves
of Lobelia.

About Kribensis -- mine don't bother Anubias but decimate, mayaca, mexican
oak leaf, ambulia, giant hygro when they are hungry -- probably more but I
haven't given them the chance. They *don't* eat Java Fern or Moss, Anubias
nana, sword ferns (green or red), bolbitis heudelotti, or Ceratopterus T.

About SAEs -- I do not believe they eat plants. I concede they *might* if
they were starving but you'd have to have a VERY,VERY clean tank for them
to have nothing to eat. I have very big SAEs (4 inches) with Anubias,
mayaca, rotala and lots of other soft and yummy plants. They have never
eaten any even when I go off for a week and they don't get fed. They have
*appeared* to be eating mayaca but on close inspection they are carefully
grooming each little leaf. If there is a tuft of algae on the end of the
leaf they will tug on it. I have seen a few leaves fall off when they do
this (probably loose) and they let it drift away when that happens. I have
never seen them eat it. I think they are falsely accused.

in Vancouver