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Paul wrote:

>I have been on the lookout for Lobelia cardinalis for a long time, and I
>finally found some, in all places, at Walmart.

Gee Paul, you should have put out a request for this plant. Steve or I
could have mailed you some. :)

  They were in nice, big
>healthy bunches, too, and they survived three minutes of my 5% bleach
>treatment with only a minute amount of damage.

I can vouch for the fact that these plants can take bleach. Steve P. and I
accidently bleached the first plant (a top, not a whole plant) I got from
him for *10 minutes!* in a 5% bleach bath. All the other plants were toast
but two or three leaves on the Lobelia were still hanging in there. I
planted it to give it a chance. That was 2 years ago -- I still have it and
it is the biggest of my Lobelia plants.

  >They are well rooted, now,
>but appear to be slow growing.

Yup they are slow growing. With good nutrients the leaves get quite big.
Mine produce quite a few roots on the lower stalk. Glad you found it. It's
a nice plant. I haven't seen any in the stores. Steve had it first and gave
me some and I think we've both spread a bit around since.

in Vancouver