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Re: Soil substrates

Here is a question for Dave Huebert or Paul Krombholz
if either of you care to answer it. I know that you two
prefer soil mixtures.

Why is a silty soil or loam of low organic content
preferable to one of high organic content and how
inhibiting is a good topsoil? As a general rule do
you cut your soil with course sand or gravel?

My rooted plants are doing alright in a sandy topsoil;
however, all of the stem plants remain frozen in time 
without PMDD. This is especially true when there is
no CO2 addition. When I use a "natural approach" as
advocated by Dave, my stem plants don't grow. By far
the best growth these plants have shown to date is in
a tank with a course gravel substrate, PMDD, CO2, and
no substrate additives save fish poop.

Of course the anubias grow best in fresh air. Has anyone
successfully cultivated Anubias lanceolata submersed?

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca