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Re: hillstream loaches

Thanks for the posts on Hillstream loaches. I didn't know anyone else
had them! I've had a terrible time finding any info in books because
they come under so many different names. Mine were called butterfly
loaches when I bought them in San Francisco. I'll be looking tonight to
see if they are light w/dark splotches or vice versa. If they're the
ones you're looking for, I'll let you know. I didn't know they ate
anything other than algae. Fun fun...I have two in my 25 gallon. Do you
think I could have more? (Along with the 2 fancy goldies) I'd love to
have a whole herd of them! Mine were very shy at first, but I see them
all the time now. I hope Mike buys them, but remember they like cool,
heavily oxygenated water, from what I hear. Perfect for my goldfish
tank! Also, do you know how big they get?