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Metal Halides for Planted Tanks

Following my recent posts regarding MH or MVP, I have come to the conclusion
that I would get a better & more efficient light for growing plants in a
freshwater aquarium by using Metal Halide in the region of 4500-6500K.

I presently use a Dennerle Trocal MV bulb 150 Watt on my 55 Gallon tank
(Cube). I think I would get a better spectrum by using a 6500K MH or would
this be too blue ??

As MH lighting appears to be very expensive in the UK & on the continent,
can anyone advise me of eg. a commercial supplier of Metal Halide bulbs &
fixings ? - preferably in the UK ? Who else uses MH other than fish keepers ?

Am I on the right track ?

Andy M Moore - Blackpool, England
andy at ascot_u-net.com

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