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Video Camera photography

I have to disagree with Erik's response a bit.  Video cameras, in my
opinion, are the best tool for getting a picture into the computer for a
couple reasons.  
You can shoot 30 seconds or so of video and pick the exact frame you like
best.  With regular cameras on faster moving fish, good luck.  No
processing costs for video. Immediate results. You get the pictures
immediately, if you don't like them adjust and reshoot. Some draw-backs,
camcorders are more expensive, unless you already have one you purchased.
My Sony cost $899. To get a good shot you need to use an 8mm or High8
camcorder.  VHS and VHS-C produce quality sufficient for televisions.  If
you have ever gotten up close to a TV the pixels are HUGE.  The very small
pixels on a computer monitor are much more precise and makes VHS recordings
look fuzzy and cheap.  I have used two methods for capturing video.  The
first capture device I used was a Snappy by Play (www.play.com) it was very
good but worked through my parallel (printer) port.  Now I use a video card
called All-In-Wonder by ATI Technologies.  This works much faster and
produces very good results.  I looked at the pictures Erik mentioned but
they were really poor examples of camcorder shots.  You can see all my
pictures on D. J.'s Lil' Fishies at:
They were all shot with a standard 8mm Sony camcorder.  You can also see
the difference between 8mm and VHS at this page:

I would love to go into detail further but others may not want me to use up
there time with this stuff.  Email me directly for more info, including
where to get good video capture devices.  

D. J. Riebesell

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