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While I would never say that video grabbers will approach the 
quality of film (either Photo-CD or scanned prints), I think that
for 320x240 resolution, my Snappy/Hi-8 camcorder combination
does pretty well.  I have several examples on my web page, but
some good ones are the following:

(shot through my glass tank)
(shot through acrylic at public aquarium)

There are a lot more Snappy pictures of my aquarium on my web
page, but these are about the best.  The address for the page is

I think that the quality of these pictures falls somewhere between
that of the two examples Erik pointed out.  

The main trick with this system is to spread the region of interest
over as many pixels of the camcorder's CCD as possible.  I have also
found that when the colors are better on the television than after
grabbing, it helps to add more light.

John Pitney in cloudy Champaign, IL