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Thanks, Rog

I just wanted to thank Roger Miller for his observations and
improvements on the standard DIY CO2 setup. I am implementing some of
the ideas right now, hoping to boost the life of my current batches,
which peter out between two and three weeks. I will post any successes.

After six months, my 10-gal. planted tank seems to have achieved some
stability, thanks in no small part to this list. The plants (especially
the echinodorus sp.) are really taking off, the fish seem happy and the
vital signs are pretty much where I want them.

The only thing I am still struggling with is the nitrate level, which is
between 12.5 ppm and 25 ppm, according to a Tetra kit. The fish load is
moderate - three zebra danios, a great-grandmother guppy (her progeny
fill up two other tanks) and a Chinese algae-eater. I do 1/3 water
changes every two weeks, limit feeding and recently planted a bunch of
anacharis to help with the problem, but I don't seem to be able to make
much of an impact.

I was thinking about getting some NitraSorb (and maybe some PhosSorb)
during my next mail-order ... Does anyone know anything about these
products, have any special warnings? My instinct is to steer clear of
"quick fix" products, but I think if I could like eliminate a lot of the
nitrates, then I could keep the levels low with my maintenance regimen.

Anyway, thanks again.

In New Haven, where summer's over. :(