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High pH

Hello all,

I have just joined the list and like the information available so 

Now a question for everyone:

I live in Vancouver, B.C. where the water is soft and acidic ( ph~6, 
KH~1).   I change do a 25% H20 change weekly or bi-weekly on my 50gal 
tank and add baking soda to the water to increase the KH to 4.
I have a home made CO2 system using 3 tetra diffuses with a modified
seltzer bottle valve and cylinder system  which I fill in the morning.

The Problem:
The pH in my tank stays at 7.5 regardless of whether I increase the 
KH to 4 or leave it at 1.  The CO2 system doesn't seem to alter the 
pH that I can tell.  CO2 is stable at ~ 8 mg/L measured w/ a Lamotte 

Should I worry about this pH?  Can I use phoshate buffers without 
risking and algae bloom?
( the current plant growth is only so-so with 3x30watt fl daylight tubes)

John White
Vanc. B.C.