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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #935

A M Moore asks...
>What is the general feeling of the group regarding nutrients in a fully 
>planted aquarium - PMDD to be added to the water daily, rich substrate
>OR both ??

	A good (but somewhat expensive) strategy for beginners might be to
use what I first used in my planted tanks. There are 2 products available,
one is called *peat plates*, they aare about 3x6 or so and the other is
called *plant plugs*. The plant plugs are a growing medium that are
surrounded by a plastic mesh. I put down the peat plates on the bottom and
then planted my plants in individual plant plugs and covered the whole
bottom with sand. The sand keeps debris from lodging in the gravel, and my
plants have always done well with great root development. The advantage
of this method for beginners is that it is easy to move plants without
making too much of a mess.

      -Gerry Skau
       In Ann Arbor where it was in the 30's last night. :-(