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Developing holes in plant leaves

I have a major problem with small brown holes developing on the leaves of my
broad leaved plants eg. swords etc.

They start off very small and develop into much larger holes ruining the
plants. My tank is fairly hi-tech with CO2, PMDD, undergravel heating cables

I am unsure if the holes are developing due to a nutrient deficiency or a
pest. I cannot viseably see any snails during the day, but, I have found the
odd creature that looks like a very small beetle. My friend mistook this for
a snail only the other day. The tank is 55Gall and inhabited by 3 Discus, 4
Clown Loaches & 3 SAE`s.

What could be the cause ??

Do you think the problem is a pest - if so, should/could I use a treatment
to eradicate them. If you think the problem is a nutrient deficiency, which
one ?? PMDD is added daily and the substrate is quite rich. I add Kent`s RO
Right every 2 weeks when I perform a 50% w/c. Hopefully, this may correct
any eg.calcium deficiency in the tank as my replacement water goes through
Carbon, & DI resin prior to entering the tank.

Andy M Moore - Blackpool, England
andy at ascot_u-net.com

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