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Nutrients in Substrate or Water ??

What is the general feeling of the group regarding nutrients in a fully
planted aquarium - PMDD to be added to the water daily, rich substrate only
OR both ??

I add around 3-5 ml of PMDD to my 50 Gall fully planted Discus tank. My
substrate is fairly rich but I have been taken to task recently by a fellow
APD member who seems to be indicating that the nutrients should only be in
the substrate so that algae in the tank will not get at them.

Is this correct ?? Also, if I am adding DI water for top ups - surely I
should be adding eg. RO Right as well as PMDD to make the electrolyte
balance correct ? If I am NOT doing this, then my plants will no doubt
suffer from eg. Calcium deficiency as well as probably lots more as PMDD
does not include Calcium.

I would appeciate any informed comments.

Andy M Moore - Blackpool, England
andy at ascot_u-net.com

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