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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #917

>I've also switched to Tropica MasterGrow rather than PMDD.  I strongly
>suspect (but haven't scientifically proven) that there is just too much
>iron in PMDD.  I supplement Tropica with epsom salts and K2SO4 and get
>really bright good looking growth without much algae.  If I ever get to
>thinking a little extra iron might perk things up, I add a dollop of
>Kent plant supplement, which is mostly iron.  Never could get quite the
>same good results with PMDD (though I only worked at it for about a


There seems to be a *big* missunderstanding about PMDD.  PMDD is a 
process for developing an optimal mix for your plants.  PMDD is not
just mixing fixed ammounts of chemicals and adding them to your 
tank.  Its about watch the plants, tracking the iron and nitrates
and adjusting the mixture.  So this means that there cannot be 
to much iron in PMDD...  It just means the mixture should be 
adjusted.  The idea is you know exactly what you are adding and
you are not spending a fortune on the additives.

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