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3' T8 Electronic Ballasts from Grainger

Sorry so late - the List with your question (August 9) arrived as a separate
TEXT file which was downloaded, and I just got around to reading the
downloaded files - they all have to be "converted" into one Word Processor
program file or another. :-(

The ballast your want for T8 36" fluorescent bulbs is listed as either GE or
The model number is G4-IN-T8-120
It is found on Page 961, Grainger's Stock Number 1C225, and it costs roughly

It does not have any WIRES - you will have to provide the wires and the bulb
sockets - I suggest you get the rubber, damp-proof T8 sockets that are sold
by the Mail Order pet folks of various persuasions - you do NOT want to pay
retail!!  Grainger also sells the 36 inch long T8 bulbs. Just get the ones
with a "color temperature" that is reasonably high. The bulbs should cost you
roughly $6.75 each. (NOW you know why Grainger is such a good source, you
really get good deals just for being able to read their catalog!! :-)) If you
wanted, you could probably get several different bulbs, perhaps several SETS
of four, with the money you are saving. :-) Then, you could tell us all which
bulbs got the best aquatic plant growth. (Hey, nothing like a good
Experiment!! :-))

Not only is it an Electronic Ballast, it is a "Parallel" ballast, which means
that, in effect, it is four separate ballasts, one for each bulb. That means
each bulb is lit and burns INDEPENDENTLY of the others. 

You will notice that this particular ballast is rated for THREE DIFFERENT
wattages, as long as they are all T8 bulbs. (another nice thing about many
(not all) Electronic Ballasts.

Hope this will be useful.


Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa

ps. $40.00 for a PARALLEL 4-bulb Electronic Ballast. Makes one wonder just
how much solid gold is hidden in those fancy $300.00 plus "Fish Light
Ballasts."  Oh, well. Those cold hat ballasts do work fine. Kind of pricey,
though. :-)