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Re:3' T8 Electronic Ballasts from Grainger

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>Subject: 3' T8 Electronic Ballasts from Grainger

>The ballast your want for T8 36" fluorescent bulbs is listed as either GE or
>The model number is G4-IN-T8-120
>It is found on Page 961, Grainger's Stock Number 1C225, and it costs roughly
>It does not have any WIRES - you will have to provide the wires and the bulb

A wire harness is available G4-IS-06-50116 about $1.54

>Not only is it an Electronic Ballast, it is a "Parallel" ballast, which
>that, in effect, it is four separate ballasts, one for each bulb. That means
>each bulb is lit and burns INDEPENDENTLY of the others. 
>You will notice that this particular ballast is rated for THREE DIFFERENT
>wattages, as long as they are all T8 bulbs. (another nice thing about many
>(not all) Electronic Ballasts.
I was building another hood with the GE ballast, but my local electric
supplier informed me that GE now requires them to purchase ballasts by the
case. They supplied a Valmont electronic parallel ballast "Ultramiser", which
is working just fine. Cost $19.80

Best to you.

Ric Cooney
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