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Re:small passive CO2 diffuser

Mark wrote:
>Does anyone have ideas for a relatively small passive CO2 diffuser?  I'm
>trying to find a design I can use in 10gallon tanks that doesn't need to
>be burped (like the bell reactors), and doesn't take up too much space. 
>Any ideas would be appreciated.

Actually a bell type reactor would be an excellent choice.  Although air
will accumulate in them I found that it is not critical to burp them.
The CO2 levels in our tanks are no where near the solubility limit of
CO2 at atmospheric pressure so even if it is diluted with air most of
the trapped CO2 will be dissolved in the water.  

You can place the reactor near the surface and bubble the CO2 in near
the bottom so you get some dissolution as the bubbles rise.  Also if you
are convinced you need to burp the reactor attach an air line to the top
of the reactor and clamp it above the water line. Then all you have to
do is open the clamp for a few seconds to release the air.