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Re: Ick

I have personally used this method, and only caused minor damage to some
temperature sensitive plants like parrot's feather (Myrophylum sp.).
the treatment, the plants recovered. 
Raise the temperature, for ten to fourteen days to about 90F and hold
The ick will die, and if you keep plenty of circulation, the fish will 
do fine. The danger of course is the low oxygen concentration. 
This takes you through the life cycle and the fungus that causes 
ich dies at temperatures approaching 90F. 
The fish will want to eat more, in the higher temperature, due to 
higher metabolism. Of course don't try this with cold water species. 
There used to be a web site by a vetinarian, with the whole story of 
freshwater ick and the cure. However I can't seem to find the URL, using 
several search engines. YMMV

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