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Catching fish in planted tanks

>Has anyone figured out how to catch kribs consistently in a heavily-planted
>tank?  They've lightning fast and are too suspicious for the food-in-the-net 
>Any ideas?
>Carlos Munoz

The only way that we attempt to catch fish in our heavily planted tanks is
using what we call the "herding" method.  Sort of like cutting cattle:)
What we do is take fairly large net, work it toward the bottom of tank
separating plants along the way, then use free hand....or second person if
it's in the larger tanks and actually use our hands to "herd them into the
net.  Since most of the fish avoid our hands it really has worked well for
us and I believe it to be not very stressful for the fish.  Works great for
plecos, corys, angels, discus and rams (our subjects) and think that it
could work well for the kribs also.

Good luck,

Cathy Maynard