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Mouth Fungus (Flexibacter columnaris)

Hi all,

I have a heavily planted 200L tank with some Neon Tetras,
Cardinal Tetras, Corydoras, and small shrimps.

I recently added some guppy and they have started to die
from Mouth Fungus disease.

Could anyone please advise a cure? Are antibacterial
medications compatible with shrimps and live aquatic plants?
I have read from somewhere that antibacterial medications
should not be used with live aquatic plants, but they did not
provide any explanation. Could someone please explain why?

If I remove all the fishes to another tank for the antibacterial
medications, do I need to disinfect the planted tank with all the
live plants, shrimps and filter system? If so, how to do it

Thanks and Regards
Casey Huang (Singapore)