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Thanks/Price of Dupla $ vs. DM

Hi all,
  Thanks for the info on mg/l <--> ppm, as soon as I saw it I remembered
and consequently wanted to kick myself.  Oh well wasn't the first time,
won't be...

About a month ago or so I had said that I would post prices of some
Dupla products upon my return from Germany.  The exchange rate was about
1,80 DM to $1.00 at the time (a week and a half ago). Here goes:

Duplarit K 100g  17,95 DM    $9.97
  "      G 250g  19,95 DM    $11.08
  "      G 500g  29,90 DM    $16.61
CO2 cyl    500g  59,00 DM    $32.78
Duplatest Fe     19,95 DM    $11.08
testcylinder      9,95 DM    $5.53

I do not know if those are good prices in reference for the US market or
not (other list members please respond).  These priced were recorded at
Zoo Fuchs in the Loehr Center (a shoping mall) in Koblenz.  Again, no
clue if indicitive of the market.  Also this is just a small sampling of

Curious of the verdict;
Bjorn Straube
straube at digital_net

P.S Please check numbers, my math skills have always been pathetic <g>