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Nitrate test kit brand

Hello all,

I am trying decide which nitrate test kit to buy, but I don't understand
what factors are important.  Also, I don't know which brand is of higher
quality.  This is what I know of each:

SeaChem:  Measures down to 2 mg/L.  Performs 75 tests.  Tests Nitrite, too.
Red Sea:  Performs approx 70 tests.  $7.99
Kordon:  Range of 0-30 ppm.  Scale reads 10, 20, 30.  ¿Performs 10 tests?  $7.99
Tetra:  Range of 0-100 ppm.  Scale reads 0, 12.5, 25, 50, 100.  Performs 40
tests.  $8.99

I think that the SeaChem sounds like a pretty good deal, considering it
tests both nitrate and nitrite.  Red Sea does the most tests for the buck.
I left out LaMotte because it alone would bust my budget!  ;)  Does anyone
know which brand is the best?

Thank you very much for any replies!
Andy Dilbert
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