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Re: Nitrate test kit brand

Andy Dilbert wrote:

> I am trying decide which nitrate test kit to buy, but I don't understand
> what factors are important.  Also, I don't know which brand is of higher
> quality.  This is what I know of each:
> SeaChem:  Measures down to 2 mg/L.  Performs 75 tests.  Tests Nitrite, too.
> $13.89
> Red Sea:  Performs approx 70 tests.  $7.99
> Kordon:  Range of 0-30 ppm.  Scale reads 10, 20, 30.  ¿Performs 10 tests?
> Tetra:  Range of 0-100 ppm.  Scale reads 0, 12.5, 25, 50, 100.  Performs 40
> tests.  $8.99

I've used nitrate test kits from Tetra, Red Sea and LaMotte.
The results from the Tetra and the LaMotte are consistent
with each other, but the result from the Red Sea is way off.
I believe the Red Sea kit is showing incorrect result because
it is showing a 5ppm nitrate in a heavily stocked goldfish tank.

I suspect the Red Sea test kit is expired because it does not
use a powder reduction agent like the Tetra and the LaMotte.
I've read somewhere that nitrate test kits using a powder
reduction agent has a much longer shelf life than those

> I left out LaMotte because it alone would bust my budget!  ;)  Does anyone
> know which brand is the best?

The LaMotte is worth the money, although I am also very happy
with the Tetra.  The LaMotte has higher resolution in lower nitrate
range and is more useful if you intend to keep your nitrate low.
Besides, if you are going to do a lot of nitrate testing, the
LaMotte refill is not that expensive.

Louis Lin