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Lighting Reflectors

I wanted to take a minute and add a couple of comments regarding the
lighting reflector project post I recently sent. I don't know if it was my
email, but a couple of lines of the post were cut short. A particular
point was that the 'rocker panel kit' mylar came with a clear protective
coating that is peeled off as the last step. Once peeled off, the finish
is really reflective. I tried to fabricate a reflector last year for my first
plant tank and used 3M metal tape. While it is reflective, it is no
where near as shiny as the kit I described in my post. Also, the
kit that I described (which I have no interest in marketing), was
considerably less expensive than any other reflective mylar that
I could find. Hopefully, if someone else was preparing to build 
reflectors I can pass along this info so that they can save some
money for more important things, like plants, test kits, CO2, or
undergravel heating.

By the way, a disadvantage that has become apparent over the past 
couple of days is that the water temperature has climbed by 4 degrees.
My 120 gal tank now hovers at 86 degrees. If I add fans to cool this tank
my wife is going to have me committed.

Best Regards,
John Hawkins
jhawkins at netcom_com