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Harold wrote:

>I use the formulas found in the FAQ, on this list, and in rec.aquaria
>newsgroups. Each time I set it up, it gives off plenty of bubbles
>through the airstone, and then stops after 2 days. At that point if I
>shake the bottle I get a large surge of gas through the airstone, and
>then again nothing. There is a good seal at the top, and no leaks.
 >What am I doing wrong, and how can I correct it?

Harold, if it isn't a leak then I'd suspect that the yeast solution is not
warm enough.  I keep a heating pad wrapped around my bottles at a
medium setting, and have noticed a major difference, even in the
summer.  Note that while the performance of the yeast is greatly
increased at the higher temperature, the solution may require more
frequent changing.

Jonathan in Maryland, where it has cooled down some, but we still
need rain.
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