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Re: High pH in processed water

>      Is there anyone on the list familiar with water treatment procedures
>      who can explain why tap water can have such a high pH?
>      Kind regards,
>      Mark

I can't say for sure about Austin, but I did take a brief spin through
"The Water Encyclopedia" and found that almost all of the US cities they
list with a finished water pH greater than 9.5 use either lime softening
or lime/soda softening.  The point to those processes is to force pH so
high by adding lime and/or soda ash that Ca and Mg carbonates are
precipitated.  The precipitate is then settled out.  The process will also
remove a number of heavy metals.  It also pulls out every scrap of CO2;
your reareation drops the pH by bringing it back to more normal CO2

I wouldn't be surprised if your water utility is trying to reaerate the
water before it goes into the pipes, and just not quite getting the job

Roger Miller