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calcium deficiency

I did some researching on the APD archives, and determined my sags might
be suffering from calcium deficiency.  I wondered if you could help me
determine if this is the case.  

30 gallon
30 watts fluorescent light 
pH ~7
CO2 injection
sand over laterite/sand substrate
GH 60 ppm
alkalinity 80 ppm
nitrate 4.4 (LaMotte)
iron 0.05 (LaMotte)

The sags(dwarf) are showing new growth that is very pale, nearly white.
The older leaves are still green.  The new leaves are beginning to turn
translucent at the base.  The new leaves on H. polysperma appear slightly
crinkled.  None of the other plants, crypts, sword, ludwigia evidence any
problems.  Can this be attributed entirely to Ca, or am I Fe deficient as