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R. macranda coloration

krandall at world_std.com wrote: <<<<Subject: R. macranda coloration
appears that the  only real difference in both cases is artificial
much stronger natural sun light.>>>>>

I begun growing R. macranda only a few months ago, but I see that it is
green (healthy-looking) in a shallow 20gal (long) tank and red (dark
pink, not deep red) in a 180 gal tank. Similar fertilization schedule
and CO2 supplementation, different temperature (warmer for the red one),
different light (the green one in the 20 gal is just below the water
surface, a few inches away from a relatively new Vitalite; the red one
is about 12-16 inches away from a mixture of Vitalites, warm whites and
T-8 cool-white, receiving somewhat less overall light as visible to my
eye). I would have expected the opposite!