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R. macranda coloration

I wrote:

>> I checked with another friend of mine who grows aquarium plants outdoors
>> during the summer, and he has had exactly the same experience with the
>> plant.  In both cases, the original stock was bright magenta when it was
>> placed outdoors.  This certainly doesn't seem like a case of the red
>> pigment protecting the plant from bright light.

Mike Bateman wrote:

>In my experience, R. macranda's color is heavily dependent on the iron 
>content of the water.  If I get behind in my Duplaplant drops, my macranda 
>quickly starts developing green growth as opposed to it's more attractive 
>red/magenta coloration.  R. macranda and L. repens are both my indicators 
>for how effective my iron dosing is.  I rarely have to perform iron tests 

That may be, although I've never observed it personally. (maybe my tanks
have never been iron deficient enough ;-)  In any case, The R. macrandra in
both my tanks and my tub are planted in soil with micronized iron.  I'm
sure their iron supply is adequate.  Also, the plants do not look the least
bit chlorotic.  They are a deep vibrant green with large leaves and short

I do use CO2 on my tanks and not the tub, but my friend who has made the
same observation doesn't use CO2 on either his tanks _or_ his pond.  It
appears that the  only real difference in both cases is artificial versus
much stronger natural sun light.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association