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Re: Foliar uptake of nutrients.

Dear Laurie Kellogg,

I have recently been researching the potential of using designed
(constructed) wetlands (Hammer, 1989) to sequester nutrients from
effluents discharged from freshwater aquaculture operations. This work
has focused on using a mass-balance approach to estimate the reedbed
area required to assimilate the nutrients discharged from various
commercial aquaculture operations. I realise that a diverse range of
physical, chemical and biological processes are at work removing
nutrients in designed wetlands; however, I am working on the premise
that the harvest of macrophyte biomass represents one of the few
sustainable approaches to using designed wetland systems.

As to foliar uptake, I have a few references which I think might be of
use. Perez-Llorens and Niell (1995) give an account of the short-term
phosphate uptake by Zostera noltii; Gabrielson, Perkins and Welch (1984)
report the Elodea densa exhibited both foliar and root uptake of
phosphorous. Foliar uptake of nitrogen was observed in Myriophyllum
spicatum by Nichols and Keeny (1976).

Of particular interest to the discussion list might be the paper by
Barko, Smart, McFarland and Chen (1988) and the report by Barko, Smart
and Chen (1988). These studies conclude that Hydrilla verticillata
growing in nitrogen limited sediments translocated potassium [taken up
by foliar uptake] from the shoots to the roots where it was exchanged
for ammonium in the sediments.


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