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Re: peat filtration

MKA <oscar at sky_net> wrote:

> Is there another source of peat other then the fish store. I have found
> several types of peat at the garden center but it is all very fine
> particles. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

When I filtered with peat, I always purchased it at the garden supply
store.  I would then fill the end of a nylon stocking with peat, tye it
off and insert it into my filter.  I used it in this way with power
filters and canister filters, both.  I stopped doing so becuase I made an
effort to decrease my fish labor and it didn't seem to matter much anyway.

A couple of notes;  I like the tea-color that it adds to the water, many
people do not.  Be very careful to assure that the product you purchase is
pure and unfortified peat.


Christopher L. Weeks
Columbia, Missouri