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Re: D. Aiken's surface skimmer?

On 24 Jul 1997 22:24:35 -0700, James T Miller wrote:
>What kind of surface skimmer are you using?

It's an Eheim Surface Suction Extractor. I'm running it with a small 
Eheim power head which is not the way they're meant to run but works 
fine. They are meant to go on the intake to one of Eheim's cannister 
filters but they will fit happily onto the intake of Fluval, Sacem, and I 
suspect most European brands of cannister filter. Your would have to play 
around a bit to get one connected to a US cannister (the thing is 
designed to fit metric sized hoses - your American filters that I have 
seen tend to use half-inch hosing which is too wide).

The details of how I do it are in the Archives and I won't repeat them 
here to bore people again. If you can't access them or need more info, 
contact me privately and I'll answer your questions.

David Aiken