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Cool Whites


 I have heard someone say that cool whites will help plant growth but
not too much, I have a 30 gallon long with just a few plants 10-13
 and was wondering if the plants would be fine with a cool white bulb. 
Those Bulbs for Aquariums are a rip off, they sell them for too much. I
have called Hamilton Technology Corp, which is right next door to my
dads office and they only have those 5,000 germanK and metal halaide
lights(What ever they are called :o)  
Well anywayz back to my question. Will the Cool white be okay for my
tank? I had a Coralife 50/50ant it's been only 5 months and the light is
not causing algae growth and it costs too much to buy another one. ( I
paid 24.00 for it. (Los Angeles is expensive*L*)

  Well any reply's would be greatly appreciated.

  Thank You.