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Re: ph-kh-co2 / Farowellas vs. Peckoltias


This may be slightly off-topic, but to those of you concerned about the %
differences from the different equations, don't be.  Generally, (in
engineering at least), any empirical equation that gets you to within 30%
either way of the "true" answer is considered a good equation.  Here
you're talking about 10-20% differences.  Don't sweat it.  These are only
estimates, with more than a few assumptions.
Farowellas vs. Peckoltias


You could try the one trick that worked for me.  I used to have two tanks
(side by side) both overrun with algae.  Then one day, by accident, I
stubbled on something the store owner called rockgrass and said it is
used to keep algae under control.  I was skeptical, having both the SAEs
and trumpet snails and still having algae problems.  (Both snails and
SAE's were quite fat and happy however.)  Still I went for it.  Turns out
the "rockgrass" was really anachris.  I loaded up one aquarium with the
anachris and left the other tank alone.  Both tanks get the same water
changes, lighting, etc.  I took no other algae control measures at this

We sure enough, within a week the anachris tank was virtually clear of
algae, while the other was still overrun.  Two months later, (I like to
experiment) the anachris tank is still almost algae free and the other is
still overrun.  I think it's time for more anachris.  I can't tell you
why it works (perhaps someone else can enlighten me), but it worked for