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Re: Pictures with a Camcorder

The device in question is actually called a Snappy by Play (www.play.com)
it works well for me.  The problem you will have is that VHS camcorders are
designed to display to a TV which is very low res.  An *mm or better yet
High8 will capture very nice pictures.  All my pictures I have on both my
sites are captured with an 8mm camcorder and they look better than most
other pictures on the net if I do say so myself.  You can see examples of
them at http://www.aquatics.net and  http://www.riebesell.net/aquaria also
if you want the run down on how I shoot my pictures see

I have since changed from my snappy (which connects directly into your
parallel port) to a new video card by ATI Technologies call the All-In-One.
 You can see details of this card at
This card not only has the built in video capture but it allows input from
almost any video source and output to almost all video sources.  It also
has a built in TV tuner that is the best I have ever seen.  It runs about
$300.  Let me know if you want one as I have several of these myself.

D. J. Riebesell
>>     I have a VHS camcorder and heard that it's possible to convert images 
>>     into binary format for computers. Anybody know how that works? Also 
>>     curious about how to convert regular photos to digital format. You 
>>     know, the Krib could use a lot more nice pictures of many kinds of 
>>     plants. I don't know if there's lots of room on the disk or not; Erik?
>There are two methods of storage for video information; baseband or
>compressed.  Your camcorder is generating 30 individual pictures each
>second; each has a size of 640 by 480 pixels.  For 24 bit color, this is
>almost one megabyte of digital information per picture.  That's 30 MByte
>per second for digitizing a TV signal.
>This information can be processed by the computer to reduce the amount of
>digital information.  Most of a picture is redundant and a motion picture
>is even more so.  The process for reducing the information is called
>compression.  The most common algorithms are MPEG for motion video and JPEG
>for still pictures.  For digitizing a camcorder, you need a "video capture
>card".  You can find these at computer outlets.  They range from a couple
>of hundred bucks to a couple of thousand.  Check out the "Snapper".

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