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CO2 Disaster


I came home last night to find all my fish floating and gasping for air. The cause: My CO2 
regulator decided to shoot out A LOT of CO2 (~5 bubbles/second) into my 75 gallon tank. After a 
quick 10% water change, some additional baking soda, and lots of airation the PH gradually came 
back up to more normal 6.6 levels. 

First, I would like to warn others to be very careful with CO2: It cost me half of fish (I am 
absolutely obsessed with my fish and plants, so this REALLY bothered me to see them dying).

Second, could someone please recommend an inexpensive way of preventing this. I know a PH 
controller connected to a selenoid valve would be ideal, but I don't want to spend $300. Is 
there a way to diffuse the CO2 in such a way that if my regulator gave out, the excess CO2 would 
NOT be dissolved?

Third, what is the long term impact likely to be on my plants and fish. The PH dropped very low 
(off the scale) so I am worried that the surviving fish and the plants will suffer disease 
or long term effects. Is there any preventative care I can give them now?

Pls help.