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Re: Is it possible?

> Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 17:47:30 +0800 (HKT)
> From: Ricky Wai Wah Leung <kfrickie at HK_Super.NET>
> With the equations stated with George and other fellow,
>  mg/L CO2 = 1.60 X 10^(6.0-pH) X mg/L HCO3-
>                      HCO3-      CO2
>    pH = 6.37 + log [ ------ = ------- ]
>                      H2CO3   1.64CaCO3

Please disregard both those equations.  Corrections are in the mail. 

> My question is, based on the calculation, is it possible to produced
> high dissolved amount of CO2(18mg/l) with simply adding CaCO3 and pH
> adjustment ?

Yes.  The only drawback is that "adjusting the pH" is done by
injecting CO2!  Changing the pH by other means (adding acid or
whatever) simply violates the equilibrium described by the equation
and won't magically produce CO2.  If some reaction did produce CO2, it
would rapidly escape into the atmosphere. 

CO2 injection forces more CO2 into the water than would normally be
there and the bicarbonate ions in the water determine the resultant pH.