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Re: Cheap substrate heating?

Another method I have seen people use is the heating rolls that you buy at
home improvement stores.  These are sold to place under ceramic floor tiles
in a bathroom to heat your bathroom floor.  Here a 25 foot roll (cutable
into 1 foot sections) is about $40.00.  They control the temp with a
rheostat that are pretty cheap too.  That would be enough for six 55/75
gallon tanks and only cost about $10.00 a tank.

>I was just sitting around looking at my fish tank and thought of a way to
>do cheap substrate heating.  How about taking some silicon air line and
>have that in the substrate, then hook up a small (really small) powerhead
>or something to circulate water, and wrap some of the air line around our
>so many flourcent light balasts.  We would be able to heat the substrate
>and cool the balast at the same time!  All this for a fraction of the cost
>of a substrate heating device.


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