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Re: I got them old, old beard algae blues


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>Subject: Re: I got them old, old beard algae blues
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>Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 11:10:44 -0400
>From: "C. David Cooke" <david at joshua_medimg.emory.edu>
>Not sure if this is anecdote or cure, but I had a slight beard algae problem
>in my 10 gallon, low-light, low-tech tank at work (covered the anubias,
>and java fern).  I had *lots* of salvinia at home from my high-tech tank, so
>I brought some in just to see if it would help.  Within 2 weeks, the beard
>algae has all but disappeared!  Now being the engineer/scientist type, I'm
>ready to say it was soley the salvinia, I also added 5 red ramshorn snails
>when I added the salvinia, but that's all I have done in the last 2 weeks.
>It's worth a try - salvinia is pretty cheap.  As an aside, looking at my tank
>today, I've noticed that all of the green spot algae that was on the glass is
>gone as well, hmmmmmm.  I still have a hair algae problem, but it also seems
>to be declining.
>In Atlanta, where the humidity has returned :>(