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pygmy chain sword, CO2


>From: aljem3 at micro_lucent.com (James E. Morehouse)
>Date: Mon, 07 Jul 97 14:25:57 EDT
>Subject: pygmy chain swords,CO2
>To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
>Sorry to post to the group but I'm having trouble emailing a response to 
>Rochelle Williams.  Rochelle, would you please email me at 
>jmorehouse at lucent_com, I'd like to get some of the chain swords for my 125 
>gallon tank.
>CO2 sources:  I found that the best local source for inexpensive co2 
>cylinders was to call a beverage/beer distributor..they had used 5 and 10 
>gallon cylinders for about $20.00 and they would also do the
refills...most of
>their business is bars and home taps.  For a regulator, I got mine from a 
>welding supply company that had both high and low side pressure gauges for 
>about $60.  I went with the nupro valve and have been happy with it.  
>Jim Morehouse
>jmorehouse at lucent_com