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Trimming Stem Plants

I have an answer, and a question. First the answer.

A few days ago someone asked about trimming stem plants. The poster (I'm
sorry, I lost the post) wanted to know about trimming stem plants
without making the tops bushy. Well, one can always trim the bottom.
This works well and in a lot of cases may be the preferred method. This
way, you get to keep the newest, healthiest, and hopefully most
algae-free growth. You avoid the problem of unnatural branching also.
The downside, for me, is that you almost have to pull the plants out of
the tank to trim this way. If you uproot the plants, you disturb the
substrate and can create a real mess. If you leave the plants in the
tank and just cut them off at the gravel level, you leave a thick mass
of roots in the gravel and it becomes difficult to plant anything else
in that same spot.

Now the question. How do most folks trim Mayaca? I usually trim the
bottom and then replant, but this seems to totally halt plant growth for
2-3 weeks. Eventually, the Mayaca recovers, but it seems to suffer every
time that I have to trim it.  
                                                         Thanks, Pat

PS: Really cool people don't have big signature files, attach weird mail
codes to their letters, or quote the entire digests.