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Re: Substrate

Andy Dilbert wrote:

> Substrate:  I would like to follow Jim Kelly's substrate method.  Slight
> problem -- the recipe calls for sand, vermiculite, and backyard soil.  I
> live in Florida, and thus the recipe would translate to sand, verm., and
> sand!

Hi Andy,
  I live in Florida as well and can understand your dilema.  There are
places to find dirt however,  underneath that wonderful sod (yuck
<g>)everyone seems to be so fond of for instance.  Look for any place
that that stays flooded after a heavy rain ( for that 30 sec before the
water just gets sucked through the soil ;) ), in boggy places (ditches,
ponds creeks etc.), and under larger oak trees.  Some things to be aware
of though are that people down here REALLY seem to like puting chemicals
on their lawn (I swear half of the Aldrich cataloge has been used at the
house next door) and if you get dirt underneath oaks it is likely to
have lots of tanmins in it, but if you want a soft water tank that could
even help.

Good luck,
Bjorn Straube