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I purchased a 10# cylinder and regulator today, and hope to have a needle
valve on Monday.
Close to being set up, I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions
regarding diffusers. I planned to build a diffuser from a small gravel
cleaner, feeding water through its top from my Fluval 403 filter return or
a Mini-Jet 404. Through a newly drilled hole, I would feed a length of 1/8"
rigid tubing to direct the CO2 to the bottom of the gravel cleaner. Having
used this setup with DIY CO2, it was 100% efficient with no bubbles
escaping to the surface. Are there disadvantages to this system? Are there
others you would recommend? This will be a manual system (no controller)
for a 125 gallon, heavily planted Discus tank.

Also, are there any special concerns when it comes to feeding two tanks
from one CO2 cylinder? My second tank is a 75 gallon, heavily planted
Discus tank. Once regulated down to a few bubbles per second, what is the
best way to divide the output between the two tanks? Any suggestions or
recommendations would be appreciated.

Also, now that I took the plunge, who do I see about joining the club and
getting the secret password and handshake? :-)

Finally, FYI, I found the following (after I made my purchase today)

CO2 cylinder, 20 cu. ft. capacity, weight 11 lbs., DOT approved - $62.99 
free shipping
Oxygen regulator (it appears to be single stage w/gauges) $39.99
Dual Range CO2/Argon regulator 
      ......High pressure 0-1000-2000-3000-4000-4500psi
......2" gauges
......3/16" hose connection
......Low pressure 0-5-10-20-30-40 cu. ft. per hour         $29.99

Sorry, but I'm new to CO2, so I can only pass on the catalog information
for those who might be interested. Youl'll have to get any additional
information from the supplier.

These are available from Harbor Freight http://www.harborfreight.com