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Re: CO2

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 02:19:37 -0700
From: "Jeff K" <jeff1908 at net-gate_com>

> I'd appreciate information concerning the
> compatibility/interchangeability of different types of tanks and
> regulators. I have an acetylene tank and regulator, and an
> oxyacetylene regulator set. Can any of these be used for CO2?

You can't use the acetylene tank because 
1) the fitting is different than a CO2 fitting
2) and/or the welding shop WILL NOT put CO2 in anything other than a
   "CO2" tank. 

I believe all the various gas bottles are color coded and have
different fittings to prevent accidents like hooking up a CO2 tank to
a hospital O2 system.

The gauges will work if they have the right pressure ranges but you
will have to change the fitting that goes to the bottle to a CO2
fitting.  We use O2 gauges that had the fittings swapped for CO2
fittings (the welding shop did this for free). 

> Reading through various catalogs, I see separate listings for CO2, but
> wonder if this is a question of incompatible materials, pressures,
> etc. or some other welding related issue that would not affect their
> use in an aquarium setup.

I think it's purely a safety issue and the suppliers won't let you
work around it.