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Re:HCl vs. HNO3; Salvinia & Duckweed

Bjorn Straube wrote June 24:

>I don't want to use HNO3 as the main source of nitrate, I want to use it
>to keep my PMDD from spoiling instead of using  HCl (small amount).  My
>guess it lowers Ph in the solution low enough to where bacteria aren't

I am sure that HNO3 can lower the pH just as well as HCl, but if chelated
iron in the PMDD mix is susceptible to being oxidized by the HNO3, I would
choose to use HCl, instead.

David Cooke wrote, Tuesday, June 24:

>Subject: Questions about Salvinia & Duckweed
>I have a few questions/observations about Salvinia & duckweed that I was hoping
>someone might be able to help me with.  I have some salvinia in my low-tech,
>low-light, non-CO2 10 gallon tank at work, and it reproduces and does well,
>I have some in my high-tech, high-light, CO2-injected 90 gallon at home and
>it also does well, but when I put it in a bucket and put it outside, it turns
>brown, and starts dying.  Duckweed is the same way.  I was really hoping to be
>able to grow lots of duckweed/Salvinia for use in my pond (gold fish *love*
>duckweed - they will clear out about 4 square feed of duckweed in a day or
>two!)  Could it be that direct sunlight is too much for duckweed/salvinia?
>Maybe there's not enough nutrients (although I use the water from the pond,
>which should be *full* of nutrients)?  Any other thoughts/ideas/suggestions?
Why don't you try putting an inch or two of topsoil in the bucket and then
covering that with water.   Assuming that the duckweed and Salvinia aren't
being killed by overheating, that should help growth a lot.

Paul Krombholz                  Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS  39174, in
steamy Jackson, Mississippi where we are getting some afternoon showers.