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Quiet filter

		I have a well plnated 20G long in which I use a Hagen 201
Power head with a Tetra PhaseII sponge filter.  They make them with one
and two sponges and claim the single sponge is good up to fifty Gallons.
I use the one sponge set up.  This works very well especially as a
mechanical filter and is very quiet.  What's more. by poking a small hole
in the sponge and inserting the airline tube from my Co2 generator, the
powerhead spurts out a fine mist of Co2 gas periodically that dissolves
enough to drop my 4kh, 7 gh, 7.5 ph water to 6.6 or so.  I use this set up
in four fifteen gallon tanks as well and I am seriously considering
disconnecting my Fluval 303 from my 50 gallon show tank in favor of a
Hagan 402 power head and sponge filter/Co2 airline setup.  The problem
that I have with the Fluval is that air gets caught in the canister,
whenever I disassemble to clean the thing and makes a good deal of noise
until I can shake it all out.  Quite a bother.  Also, unless you clean
this thing religiously every week or so, plant leaves and other detris sp?
get sucked into the canister and are dissolved in the fast moving water
current.  This is not good, IMHO, and given the difficulty in cleaning the
fluval and the trapped air problem, I leaning precipitously toward getting
rid of the whole cansiter filter. 

My two cents on filters :-)

Miles Morrissey   Easthampton, MA - USA
mmorriss at sophia_smith.edu