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Anti-biotics Was: After medication, then what? (APD 778)

>Donald Rudee <donald.h.rudee at boeing_com> wrote: <<<<<Subject: After
>medication, then what? (...)
>The fish in my plant tank were treated with Erythromycin and Maracin II 
>for an outbreak of T.B. (supposedly).  About 3 days into the 5 day 
>treatment I am seeing some algae on the plants. >>>>>>

>The medications you mentioned are quite ineffective for TB treatment in
>ornamental aquaria, but they are very fast and powerful filter killers.
>The algae you see are probably due to a decreased biological filtration.
>Watch for ammonia levels now.

Dionigi, are you a microbiologist or expert on this subj? I would like
to know what "happens" to anti-biotics in a closed system like an
aquarium. If, for instance no carbon is in the filter (does carbon
remove it anyway?) and only small water changes are done, does the
anti-biotic remain in the system, and does it remain "active"
What ARE anti-biotics anyway? Are they "active"? Alive? How do they
work? Do they all work in the same way?

>In one of my aquaria I have been keeping "sunset" Hygrophila for several
>months now, but I can't get the plant to branch. Instead I get long
>stems (it's a 180 gal. tank) that tend to loose the lower leaves.  The
>H. polysperma on the contrary branches extensively. I would like to know
>if this hygrophila variety normally does not branch too much, or if the
>most likely explanation is that the conditions are not right.

In my limited experience, H. polysperma sunset LOVES light. it strives
to get to the surface, and then starts getting bushier and taking on
the red colour. If your tank is very deep, this would explain the
legginess. Have you tried pinching out the growing shoot?

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