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RE: Driftwood and suction cups

	Kent (and others),
	Attaching driftwood to suction cups allows you to create some very
neat, and realistic looking, aquascapes. I prefer to use plastic screws
(regular screws made out of very hard plastic), but they can be hard to
find. The second choice is aluminum screws. Ask at your local hardware
store for some type of screw that will not rust. I am sure there are other
options. The suction cups I use are sold in aquarium shops as heater/
airline holder suction cups. They are cheap (US $1.99 for six last time I
bought them). I am sure that there are other sources for these also.
	As to designs... I have used gnarled brances just stuck to the
back of the tank all over (similar to using silicone to attach slate).
Fill in the gaps with lots of Java moss and Anubias spp. This gives a nice
background. For 3-D set ups there are two options. One is to collect
straight and forked driftwood. Stick the top to the back of the tank and
the bottom to the tanks bottom. This gives a 3-D effect that the "roots"
are growing from the back of the tank and into the tanks substrate. It
looks very natural and provides a great maze for the fishes to swim
through. The other option is for a SE Asian tank. Replace the driftwood
with bamboo and plant hygro, crypts, etc for a nice Asian bamboo swamp.
	I am sure that others have other ideas about how to attach the
wood. These are just three set ups that I have really liked.

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