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Re: new copper plumbing

Hi Brian

They changed our plumbing 3 years ago. I never thought it would be a big 
problem for my fish, but it sure was. At that time I had Malawi cichlids 
because we have very hard water in parts of Malmö. The fish started 
getting trouble with the skin. If they got a scratch it wouldn't heal.
I measured the copper and it was very high levels. 

I even got a problem drinking the water. I got a splitting head ache
in my lower neck and above the eyes every time I drank the water! 

I finally tossed the cichlids out and bought me a RO filter and changed to 
south american fish and plants instead. 

Now 3 years later the levels are lower but still much to high. I don't 
really trust the testkits I use but the tap water turns the test very 
yellow and the RO water stays clear. One big problem for me is that the 
water comes in from the main pipe in the other end of a large house so I 
guess I have to flush water for an hour to get "fresh" water. I try to 
take some tap water in the after noon or evening when other people in the 
hose have been using more. I mix about 1/10 of tap water with the RO.

The pipes are supposed to get coated, especially in such hard water as we 
have here, but it hasn't happened yet!

My fem öre.


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